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Shop 250,000 USA Made Products on Unionwear’s New Website

| Posted by unionwear

Unionwear, Inc. is pleased and proud to announce the launch of their newly re-designed website. The modified site now offers easier navigation, online ordering, better search capability, more content, and other enhancements to improve customers’ online design and ordering experience.

With its updated look and feel, the refreshed site allows clients to find the products they need and get answers to their design issues in less time. With more than 200,000 hat and 50,000 bag SKUs, customers are bound to find just the right accessory for their corporate events, employee uniforms, special gifts for clients, and more.  Unionwear.com has added thousands of SKUs of union made in USA knit hats and scarves and union made in USA sewn portfolios and binders—and is the last union manufacturer in America in each product category!

With thousands of colors, shapes, fabrics, and logos from which to choose, customers can design the perfect, one-of-a-kind products for themselves or others. And the best part? If clients don’t see what they’re looking for, all they have to do is give Unionwear a call. They can customize any order and provide every customer with precisely what they need.

On the new web site, Unionwear also offers their clients access to industry trend information, the latest news on trade justice and labeling, product comparisons and ratings, etc. This updated and user-friendly site will better serve the ever-changing needs of customers.

Located in Newark, New Jersey, Unionwear manufactures and embroiders accessories, bags, baseball caps, knit caps, safety gear, and work wear. With their “Made in USA” label, business is booming, the turnover is low, and morale is high. All 175 employees have a stake in the success of the company, and they can identify with customers who value the community and are concerned about how and where a product is made.

Founded in 1992, the New Jersey Headwear Corporation began with just a handful of employees and Mitch Cahn at the wheel. His first lucrative contract was with Ralph Lauren Clothing making baseball caps, but as the business grew, Unionwear was created and was hired to create products for local and national political campaigns. Over time, they became the principal supplier to the military, the post office, and federal and state government agencies—all clients for whom a “Made in the USA” label is vitally important.

Both Unionwear and their customers recognize that when you manufacture a product locally, you add value by creating jobs and supporting the community. While many manufacturers outsource their production lines, Unionwear takes pride in keeping their business where it belongs—in the US.

Their growth and sustainability have been built on the stable foundation of employee satisfaction and strong client relationships. Low turnover means excellent products are being made by experienced and resourceful stitchers, with high productivity on the shop floor, incredible pride in their workmanship, and fast deliveries. This keeps clients happy and influences repeat orders. Additionally, recent international shipping problems have made local American manufacturing more attractive than ever.

Unionwear would like to extend an invitation to all their past, present, and potential customers to view their new, updated website at https://unionwear.com. There, shoppers can see how they make quality products as well as explore the many choices now available from this union-proud company.