NJMEP Manufacturing Awards 2016
2016 Gold Medal: Award for Excellence in Manufacturing

Featured Videos

  • CNBC
    Kudlow: "100% of Unionwear's products are made in USA. That's the gold ring."
    "They did they impossible—re-engineer the bag until domestic production cost less than China."
  • ABC News
    "The 'USA Made' label allows companies to co-brand with the most powerful brand in the world."
  • The Daily Show
    JOHN OLIVER: "Unionwear really has the eagle by the balls!"
  • CNN
    "Brands like Unionwear are absolutely ethical throughout their supply chain."
  • Fios News
    Tour Video: "we embroider cut parts before sewing to improve costs, registration, and imprint area."
  • TEDx
    Our CEO's Ted Talk: "Deep convictions about environmentalism and worker rights—not patriotism—drive Buy American."
  • Dream it Do it
    Winner, "What's So Cool About Manufacturing" Video competition inspiring manufacturing careers.
  • Slate
    "McCain, Obama, Hillary and Bernie all have something in common: this cap factory in Newark, NJ."

Custom Gear Made Right Here

As hat and bag contractor to the US military and high end fashion bands for 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to perfection—from quality to delivery. Select one of over 50,000 preconfigured products we have on our web site or send a tech pack of your own design. Give us a budget and a due date and we’ll figure out how to make it domestically.

Union Made in USA means Local--we exceed the same labor and environmental standards your customers enjoy as Americans. Co-branding with the USA label means your business demonstrates the same commitment.