Face Shields Engineered for Daily Re-Use

| Posted by unionwear

Face masks hinder workplace communication and don’t protect the eyes or provide a liquid barrier.  So why aren’t clear face shields ubiquitous?  Because the traditional “foam + elastic + clear sheet” face shield was designed as disposable splash protection for surgery–not every-day use.

We’ve reimagined the Face Shield to be something comfortable and truly reusable.

Unionwear is the leading domestic manufacturer of baseball caps. Our products sit comfortably on heads all day, every day. And we’ve been making traditional face shields since NYC’s quarantine started, continuously upgrading our product based on client feedback. We are now launching the Replaceable Universal Face Shield (the “RUF Shield”). Features:

No Foam: Foam is why traditional face shields are disposable.  You can sanitize the clear shield but how do you clean spongy foam that’s been pressed up against a sweaty forehead? You can’t.  We use a black cotton baseball cap sweatband, removable for washing.

No Bulk:  Traditional face shields are bulky. Bulky to ship—especially with FedEx and UPS new penalties for dimensional weight, bulky to store, even bulky to dispose of. The RUF Shield ships disassembled, flat.

No Latex: Latex sensitivity and allergy affect a sizable portion of the population, and due to skyrocketing demand for elastic for masks and shields nearly all available elastic right now contains latex.

No Sizes: Elastic face shields are not one size fits all, which means you need to order in sizes-but who knows his or her face shield size? Unknown size ranges require excess inventory.

No Scratches:  All of our fronts are protected with film—made possible because the shield is not attached until it is ready to be worn. Without this protection PET is bound to scratch during shipping or handling.

The clear shields are sold by Unionwear’s promo products distributors with an MSRP of $1.45 (s) each. The plastic visor/cotton headband that holds the shields are $3.50 (s) each.  Case size is 100 units.

Download a white label, Client-Safe sell sheet here.

Distributors please email PPESales@unionwear.com, call 973-497-0102, or fill out this form to resell.

You can also purchase retail online from RUFshield.com.