NJBiz Conversations with Unionwear: Perfect Storm for USA Made

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NJBiz Conversations with Unionwear

In a recent in-depth interview with Jeffrey Kanige for NJBiz Conversations Podcast, Unionwear founder and president Mitch Cahn shared valuable insights into various aspects of his company. Unionwear manufactures baseball hats, bags, and thousands of other accessories for businesses, government organizations, and industries that value Made in USA products.

Here are five expanded key takeaways from the engaging conversation:

The Importance of Made in USA Products: Unionwear emphasizes the significance of manufacturing products right at their Newark facility, ensuring every item they produce carries the Made in USA label. This commitment to quality and integrity holds immense importance for their diverse clientele, which includes political campaigns, military organizations, and major American brands like GM and Budweiser.

Business Decisions vs. Patriotism: While Cahn admits that patriotism alone doesn’t drive the sales of Made in USA products, businesses choose Unionwear because they appreciate the company’s alignment with their own branding goals. Clients want to convey that they support the US economy and American workers, which Unionwear’s products express effectively.

Embracing Automation for Growth: Unionwear is actively integrating AI and robotic solutions to enhance their manufacturing processes and remain cost-competitive. With the help of NJEDA’s Manufacturing Voucher Program (MVP) grant, the company plans to install the first fully automated tote bag production line in North America by 2024. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Unionwear stays ahead in the industry while adapting to new technology-driven trends.

Reshoring and Manufacturing in New Jersey: Cahn acknowledges the challenges of running a union shop in New Jersey due to high costs, but he remains positive about the benefits offered by the state’s infrastructure. The population density, skilled workforce, and access to ports make New Jersey an ideal business location for Unionwear. Moreover, Cahn points out that the company has managed to capitalize on supply chain disruptions and leverage New Jersey’s robust infrastructure to maintain a competitive edge.

The Perfect Storm for Made in USA Products in the Next Five Years: Cahn is optimistic about the growth potential for Unionwear’s Made in USA merchandise, particularly over the next five years, describing it as a “perfect storm” for the company. Besides the 2024 election year driving demand for their products, Unionwear will benefit from other significant events, such as the 250th birthday celebration of the United States, the World Cup coming to New Jersey, and the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. These events are expected to bolster the popularity of Made in USA products, presenting ample opportunities for Unionwear to thrive and expand.

Overall, Unionwear’s commitment to producing high-quality, Made in USA goods, combined with its willingness to invest in advanced technologies and adapt to market trends, positions the company well for continued success in the years ahead.