Unions who embrace lean manufacturing improve job security

| Posted by unionwear

In 2013 APICS of Greater North Jersey hosted Unionwear CEO Mitch Cahn to talk about his lean manufacturing journey. According to their website, APICS is “the industry leader in supply chain certification, training and networking. For more than 60 years, APICS has provided world-class supply chain training and certification to foster supply chain talent and improve end-to-end performance.”

Mitch has been living and breathing lean principles for years now.  Indeed, in this video Cahn says, “I didn’t support the lean program, I was the lean program.” 

Running a profitable manufacturing firm in New Jersey with unionized staff is a daily challenge. One of the keys to Unionwear’s survival and success has been to embrace lean manufacturing. In fact, without lean manufacturing, they would not be able to afford union labor. Even though well-paid employees are expensive, happy employees stay longer and embrace lean manufacturing because they want the company to succeed.