Labor Activist on CNN: Follow Unionwear’s Lead

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Unionwear got a big thumbs up yesterday from the toughest labor activist out there: The International Labor Rights Forum.  ILRF President Judy Gearhart, was on to discuss the major changes in supply chain management that need to occur to prevent more tragedies like the factory collapse in Bangladesh.

CNN: How do we know whether the clothes that you or I are wearing come from a factory under deplorable working conditions?

International Labor Rights Forum President Judy Gearhart: There is no good way to tell right now and there’s no silver bullet… There are a handful of brands that are really trying to produce in a way that is absolutely ethical throughout their supply chain. They include brands like UNIONWEAR,  but really getting this to go mainstream will take consumers getting involved and communicating directly to mainstream brands that they need to make a big change in their apparel supply chain.   It’s incumbent upon consumers and u.s. companies who perhaps can do a better job of vetting or regulating suppliers in countries like Bangladesh.