Unionwear Celebrates 25 Years of “Made Right Here”

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At a time when pride in America and demand for “Made in USA” products are increasing, it’s surprising how many companies still insist on outsourcing their manufacturing internationally. Yet, despite the reduced costs that these companies will likely negotiate, their prices either stay the same or continue to rise. This does not bode well for the American public, any way you look at it.

But Unionwear refuses to give in to overseas outsourcing and price gouging. Perhaps that is why Unionwear, a company that features union-made products and whose slogan is “Made Right Here” is still in business after 25 years.

In 1992, Unionwear President Mitch Cahn started the New Jersey Headwear Corporation as a contractor for fashion designers in the a new product category: the fashion baseball cap. In those early days, the company had a mere six individuals doing all the sewing and assembly. Ball cap contracts with Ralph Lauren’s Polo, Barneys New York, Gant, and Izod helped put the company on the map and increased staff numbers to 35 machine operators. the company was churning out hundreds of thousands of hats per year by 1997.

The name Unionwear came about after the textile business shifted toward Asian production in 1998. Mr. Cahn realized that his company was one of only a few still manufacturing union-label baseball caps within the United States. While Craft Hats, King Louis, and West Penn were moving their production overseas and closing their United States manufacturing facilities’ doors, Unionwear would not only stay put but also expand.

Fast-forward to today, and one cannot help but notice how the company has stayed true to itsroots, keeping production within our borders and prices affordable. His headwear company has now branched into other product lines and employees 175 proud union workers.

Unionwear has manufactured presidential campaign wear and other political logo products. This Garden State factory has been the go-to manufacturer when it comes to Made in America gear for Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Bush, McCain and countless other candidates. Unionwear has consistently produced customized orders to suit the needs of their clientele.

Presently, in addition to baseball caps of varying styles, Unionwear deals in knit scarves and caps, winter gear, and bags of all shapes, sizes, and designs. And just recently, Unionwear acquired the assets and personnel of DLX Industries, expanding their product catalog to include portfolios, binders, and other business accessories.

Unionwear continues to win awards for their meaningfully contributions to society; they care deeply for the public that put them where they are today. And although employee salaries have gone up, and costs are certainly not going down, Unionwear still manages to provide affordable, high-quality, American-made products to their customers.

Please join us in congratulating Unionwear for a job well done. They’re keeping jobs where they belong—right here in the United States of America. Happy 25th anniversary, Unionwear!