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Cap Design

How do I view different crown shapes?

Presently, only a medium height, six panel cap is modeled in 3D. However, unionwear offers five panel trucker style and rounded, low crown, unstructured, both slouch style and form fitting, low crown prostyle, high crown prostyle with flat brim, and we also can work with your patterns.

What kinds of fabrics are available?

The colors pictured in the Build A Hat App are for poly cotton twill and brushed cotton. Unionwear has many colors available for wool serge, wool flannel, cotton duck, pro mesh, mesh, stretch fabric, and camouflage as well--for most of those fabrics all colors are available, but some minimums may be higher than 72. Contact

What kinds of closures are available that are not shown?

Unionwear can offer brown and black leather, slide buckle fabric straps, fitted hats, side release buckle with webbing… really anything you can dream up. Sign up for our email list for updates to the app.

What other kinds of options can Unionwear produce?

Printing on sandwich visor. Rolled Edge Visor. Applique and All Over Embroidery. Cut and sew from other materials. Different size visors. You name it.

Can I put my own label on the hat?

Yes, Unionwear can run custom labels for you. Contact

What color inside trim do you use?

Unless specificied, Unionwear uses black seam tape and sweatband on dark colors and white on light colors, and white buckram on all colors.

Design Tool

How do I stop the image from spinning?

You can stop the image from spinning by clicing the Pause Icon, then click and drag the hat 360 degrees.

Is mesh only available in white?

Right now we only picture white mesh backs, but it is available in most colors the other fabrics are available in.

How do I get rid of the sandwich visor?

Change the color of the sandwich visor to match the color of the top visor.

Embroidery Tool

What are your limitations for embroidery?

Artwork is considered to be unembroiderable if it contains any shading, color gradation, text smaller than .25″ (.375″ w/serifs), or detail that can’t be duplicated with a standard Sharpie Marker.

Do you have any other text font or placement/arching options?

You can create a jpg using any font and just upload that as artwork rather than using the Add Text icon.

Why is my artwork or text cut off?

Any art moved outside the imprint area will be cut off. Shrink your design or move it so it completely fits in the imprint area.

How do I combine Artwork?

You can post multiple images on the same embroidery placement, and you can add text as well to the same area.


How do I get screen shots of one view?

Pause the spinning 3D sample and click the JPEG icon. A new tab will open showing the 3D sample at the selected angle. You can right click that image and copy that image into your presentation or save it to your hard drive. Repeat for additional images. Or you can just email a link to the 3D image.

How do I email the 3D sample?

Hit the email button and follow the prompts. Your client will receive a blind (distributor friendly) link to the spinning 3D image.

How do I create a portfolio of hats or artwork?

"Click the ""Save"" icon at bottom right, or the ""Place Art"" icon inside any of the embroidery menus. You will be prompted to create a portfolio."

What if I have lost my password?

Log in with the email address you used to set up an account and no password. The system will ask if you want a password sent to that email address.

What is the difference between saving or sending a virtual sample as a jpg or as an editable file?

Saving a virtual sample as a jpg (or snapshot) allows you to download it to your computer, but you can't go back and edit it. Saving it as an editable link means that you can go back and edit it, but that your client will have to click the link in order to see the sample.

How do I send a virtual sample to multiple people? Or how do I send multiple virtual samples?

There are several ways to do this: From the VSL, separate the e-mail addresses by semi-colons. Alternately, you can e-mail it to yourself and then use your e-mail program contact list to send it to as many people as needed. Or from your portfolio you can create your own mailing lists and send an idea to multiple contacts. You can also use semi-colons to separate the e-mail addresses here. Also from your portfolio you can send multiple virtual samples in the same e-mail. Simply place a checkmark in the box beside the name of each of the virtual samples you wish you send. Next click the e-mail checked button and follow the on screen prompts.


What kind of images can I upload?

Artwork must be under 3 MB in size. Most file types are supported: JPG - Almost all JPEGs can be used; CMYK jpegs, however, will display improperly. JPG - Almost all JPEGs can be used; CMYK jpegs, however, will display improperly. GIF - All GIFs can be used, however animated gifs will only display their first frame when placed on a product. PNG - PNGs can be used, though transparent areas will be replaced with a white background; you can restore the transparency by using the color changing tools. BMP - BMPs from any platform can be used. TIFF - TIFFs can be used as long as they are in RGB format; CMYK TIFFs will display improperly. AI - Adobe Illustrator: version 10 files must be saved as PDF compatible. Make sure any linked/placed files are included in the file. Fonts should be included, or text should be converted to outlines.

I have uploaded my logo, but the colors are wrong (may be reversed if black & white).

The logo is probably a jpg in CMYK format; it must be in RGB format to be used with our software.

How do I remove the white background?

"If there is no white in the logo that you want to keep, simply click the ""Clear White"" button (this assumes you are in the virtual sample Laboratory). If there is white that you want to keep, you need to use the advanced tools. "


What are your minimums?

Unionwear will make 72 pieces to order, with price breaks at 144, 600, 1200 and 5000.

How can I order this cap?

Email your 3D sample to using the email icon. In the message box include your contact info including ASI/UPIC/Sage ID, and any crown shape or fabric preferences, and your quantity. We will let you know price and delivery.

How can I get pricing for my sample?

Email your design to using the email tool. In the message box include your contact info including ASI/UPIC/Sage ID and any crown shape or fabric preferences. We will price out a few options along with cost saving tips.

Can you send me a preproduction sample?

A stitchout is free with an order of digitizing, and Unionwear can send a random fabric/shape sample as well as swatches of the actual material at no charge. We can also produce a single, embroidered preproduction sample for $75 if you provide or order your logo on a .dst file for embroidery.

Are there any setup charges?

If you cannot provide your artwork on disk in Tajima format (.dst file), or via e-mail programmed for embroidery stitch length, density, color, direction and type, there will be you must have it digitized. If you do not have your artwork in either of the above mentioned formats, please email a jpg or pdf of your artwork to for a setup quote.


Do I need Java to use the Build A Hat App?

Yes, to download the latest version go to

Will the Build A Hat app work on Apple Mobile Products?

Not yet, check back for updates.

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