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Grocery Tote Bag-Canvas-17 Sizes

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Unionwear 2bad31-12c
USA Made Canvas Grocery Tote Bags, 2BAD31-12C
View fabric swatch image for detailed view of current color shades and textures for this fabric.
  • Product Number: 2BAD31-12C
  • Grocery Tote Bag-Canvas-17 Sizes
  • Simple Tote From Sturdy Fabric with USA Quality Construction.
  • 12 Ounce Cotton Canvas Duck Fabric.
  • Tucked T Bottom Construction.
  • 1-1/2 Inch Poly Webbing Handles.
  • Tucked T Bottom Construction.
  • Carry Handle.
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 100% Union Made by Workers United

Grocery Tote Bag-Canvas-17 Sizes

Quick Overview

Simple Tote From Sturdy Fabric with USA Quality Construction.
Unit Pricing
ASI 73775 (2R3S) UPIC MadeInUS
Dimensions 48 96 300 600 1200
10W X 11H X 3D 2BAD31NA-12C
13W X 12H X 4D 2BAD31OA-12C
13W X 13H X 4D 2BAD31PA-12C
14W X 15H X 3D 2BAD31QA-12C
18W X 13H X 1.5D 2BAD31RA-12C
17W X 11H X 5D 2BAD31SA-12C
16W X 12H X 6D 2BAD31TA-12C
17W X 13H X 4D 2BAD31UA-12C
13W X 15H X 4D 2BAD31VA-12C
19W X 13H X 5D 2BAD31WA-12C
17W X 15H X 5D 2BAD31XA-12C
16W X 16H X 5D 2BAD31YA-12C
18W X 17H X 6D 2BAD31ZA-12C
20W X 16H X 6D 2BAD310A-12C
17W X 19H X 5D 2BAD311A-12C
19W X 17H X 6D 2BAD312A-12C
24W X 16H X 6D 2BAD313A-12C